Bonnies Industrial Café in Ashmore offers catering for all sorts of parties, private and corporate events across the Gold Coast. When planning meal options for your next party, corporate or private event, Bonnies has got you covered. We have budget friendly options for any event – no matter what the budget or head count.

One thing you need to know about Bonnies is that we have a passion for good food, great friends and even better times! We’re all about crafting delicious catered plates on the daily for all kinds of people and events. We’re confident our inspired dishes will kick your party or event into full swing. We specialise in American BBQ style eats, low-n-slow cooked meats, buffet style spreads, and casual dining. In particular, Bonnies specially crafted catering menu below, features a selection of the following:

- Assorted breaky options;
- Fresh sandwiches;
- Slow cooked meats (our speciality and cooked for 14 hours!);
- Inspired salads;
- Classic BBQ sides;
- Delicious desserts;
- Mouth-watering fruit and cheese platters.

Check it out, there’s something for every occasion and every taste, whether it’s your daughter’s 21st, your next corporate breakfast or a private shindig. Not only is Bonnies delicious and made with love, having your next event catered is guaranteed to take the stress out of planning your event or party. So, take a load off, browse our catering menu and enjoy a little bit of Bonnies at your next event!

Keen to book Bonnies catering Ashmore? To enquire, or to make a booking, fill out the form below or contact Bonnie on 0411444 222 or

Peace out, and hope to cater for your event soon, Bonnie.

Bonnies Cafe Catering Menu


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