Bonnies Industrial Café is making their mark on Ashmore!

Bonnie tells us her story, “From the age of 7 I had a uniform. I would stand on a milk crate and serve the customers in my parents roadhouse. There would be bus loads coming through and the queues would spiral out the door. I worked all the way through my schooling. When I was old enough to get my own first job, outside of the family business, I started working at McDonalds. As the years went on I ventured into Property Management, whilst continuing to work nights and weekends in restaurants. At age 32, I opened my first restaurant (a franchise). I learnt a lot!” 6 years down the track this Melbourne born and bred girl wants to make her mark on Ashmore.

We want to invite you in to our humble, grungy, street art, cool space with a calm vibe that feels like an enjoyable place to be. Bonnie’s Industrial Cafe is honest damn good tasting food, bloody great coffee and customer service that makes you feel like your popping over to your neighbours house and they’re always rapt to see you!

Relax and chat while your personalised coffee is made, alongside groups having breaky meetings and local workers popping in for their daily fix. A mouth watering, restaurant quality menu for breakfast and lunch complemented by a range of snacks, sweets, cakes and Bonnie's signature coffees. Bonnies Industrial Cafe has all the classics and caters for all dietary requirements.

We even love your pets! Bring them along to our pet-friendly café where they can also enjoy a treat!